Vicious Rein

Vicious Rein, Book Four

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Book Summary

She is foolish enough to think she can defy me and win.

I am one of the heirs to the House of Diamanti, a diamond empire that stretches across the globe.

Nothing, and no one, is beyond my reach, including Evelyn.

She has something I want: her land.

Her innocent mind is incapable of conceiving of all the treacherous ways I have to secure it.

Her loss will be my pleasure as I seduce her into giving me what I want.

The harder she fights our attraction, the more determined I am to claim more than just her land.

I will seize her mind, body, and soul for my own.

She will become just one more possession in a life filled with luxury and excess.

I know I am taking things too far, but that isn’t going to stop me.